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If you would like to know more about having a ceremony at our Unitarian Chapel, please contact us at or tel 01522883757

Wedding Services

Couples come to a Unitarian Church to be married for many reasons:

Why do we operate this way? Because ours is a liberal, non-creedal church that places a high value on individual freedom and dignity. Therefore we do not think there is any single "right" way to plan a wedding. We are concerned about facilitating your "special day", the growth of your relationship and helping to lay the groundwork for you future life together.

Unitarians regard marriage as one of the most significant commitments a human being will experience in his or her lifetime. It is indeed a momentous occasion and should rightfully be accompanied by both ritual observance and festive celebration. While Unitarians do not agree that marriage is a "sacrament" requiring ecclesiastical sanction, we expect that couples married in our tradition will take their commitment just as seriously.

We believe a wedding should reflect the unique personalities and spiritualities of a specific couple, as well as accurately represent the faith tradition that provides the context for the occasion. We consider a wedding is between two people whatever their gender and we have a license to carry out same sex weddings in our Chapel

A wedding ought to accomplish more than merely fulfilling the letter of the law. Equally important is that couples recognize the spiritual dimension of their marriage and that they cherish the memory of the wedding day for the rest of their lives.

  1. We are more open and flexible about the design of the ceremony
  2. We are happy to perform ceremonies for couples from different faith traditions
  3. Membership of our church is not required in order to be married by our Minister
  4. We have a license also to have same sex wedding ceremonies in our Chapel

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